Christoph Hardegger

Christoph_HardeggerBachelor’s degree: Mechanical Engineering
Specialization: –
Educational background: Technical Designer
Born: 1990

Responsible for:
Technical design




Motivations and impressions about the project

I participate in this project because I’m interested in the space, actually everything that flies anyway. It’s very exciting to get as a student such an insight. The selection workshops in Noordwijk and Oberpfaffenhofen were very exciting and interesting. The presentations and the exchange with the other teams were or are very active and fascinating. Fortunately, our team was able to qualify for a spot on a REXUS rocket which will launch in March 2016.


What does he think about the work in the project

The work on the technical side turns out to be very diverse and participation in the competition is a very exciting experience. It is the combination of various disciplines and tasks which makes this project very exciting and also very varied. I am also very pleased with the successful selection, which further promotes the entire motivation. Thus, the project will also become increasingly momentum and it is fun to work in a motivated team.