Carlos Komotar

Carlos_Komotar_v1Bachelor’s degree: Business Engineering | Innovation
Specialization: Mechanical Engineering
Educational background: Architectural Draftsman
Born: 1986

Responsible for:
Video concept and -cut




Motivations and impressions about the project

I participate in this project because the work on this short video about the CEMIOS-project is an extraordinarily interesting project. To play a part on a space experiment exerts a great fascination to me. Working as part of an interdisciplinary team, provides an insight into the working methods of the various disciplines and is a great addition to the studies as an business engineer.


What does he think about the work in the project

Working in a highly motivated team, which is heading towards the same goal with all his strength  and the sympathetic occurrence of the team members in front of the camera are some of the positive experiences that are made while working on the video.