Introduction Video


REXUS/BEXUS Podcast (German)

Source: raumzeit

CEMIOS at the Exhibition “Forschung Live” in Lucerne (Swiss-German)

Radio 3fach about CEMIOS (Swiss-German)

4°C Low Temperature Test

Manufacturing the Silicone Chips

Drilling of Glass Plates

Impressions from the Experiment Acceptance Review

Launch Teaser

CEMIOS on ‘Tele 1’ in the News (24. Feb. 2016, Swiss-German)

Launch Team Arrives in Kiruna

ESRANGE Space Center

Unpacking the Experiment at ESRANGE

Preparing the Experiment at ESRANGE

Rocket Launcher

Communication and Bench Test

Flight Simulation Test

System Check

Moraba’s Service Modul und Recovery System:

Improved Orion Rocket

Lift off REXUS 20

Lift off for CEMIOS

Lift off REXUS 19

Impressions from REXUS 19

How to Visit the CEMIOS Module