Various institutions and companies support the CEMIOS project. The contribution to the project happens in various ways. Without these support, it would be impossible to realize the CEMIOS-project.


Intern Supporters of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts

  • Competence centers:
    • CC Aerospace Biomedical Science and Technology
    • CC Mechanical Systems
    • CC Electronics
  • Bachelor Program in Business Engineering | Innovation

Extern Supporters (alphabetically)

  • Plastika Balumag AG: The company produced various plastic parts for the CEMIOS project for free. Link:

Christoph Hardegger with Edgar Küttel and CEO Reto Bamert from the company Plastika Balumag AG (f.l.t.r.)


  • Plüss AG: The firm produced several mechanical parts for the project. Link:

Hansjörg Plüss from the company Plüss AG with Christoph Hardegger (f.l.t.r.)


  • RUAG Thun: From RUAG in Thun we have received great support with the vibration tests. RUAG also provided us a big size vacuum chamber.
  • SOLID-design GmbH: Support for engineering and manufacturing.
  • Swiss Space Office (SSO): Funding. Link:
  • University of Zürich, Institute of Physiology: Namely through Ian Forster we received scientific and technical support with oocytes (frog eggs). Also, the University of Zürich provided us with oocytes for the many tests and for the rocket flight.

    Ian Forster from the University of Zürich mit Simon Wüest

    Ian Forster from the University of Zürich mit Simon Wüest