Swiss university students realize space research. The CEMIOS project is not just a student project – through qualified team members the project delivers a precious contribution to the basics in the biomedical space research.


Topic of research

Microgravity has serious long-term consequences on humans. In the manned space flight muscle wasting or loss of bone density are known effects of weightlessness. But even on earth similar symptoms are found for bedridden patients or elderly. The experiment should help to develop new treatments.


Lucerne University

The CEMIOS project is realized at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. The project is subordinated to the Competence Center Aerospace Biomedical Science and Technology which is managed by Dr. Marcel Egli.



The CEMIOS project participates in the rocket experiment for university students which is organized by the DLR and the SNSB. This program should encourage the promotion of talents and juniors in a scientific and technological field.


Public Relations

The research object of the CEMIOS project should be communicated to the public and interested parties. These various actions are taken in order to communicate the meaning and purpose of this project.



The CEMIOS project is supported by various competence centers and companies. Without this support it would be impossible to realize the project.