Day 7: Roll Out and Test Countdown

After the roll out of the REXUS-20 rocket, we passed successfully the test countdown. All teams are ready now for the hot countdown, which will start in few hours.


Moraba’s Service Modul und Recovery System:

Day 3: Flight Simulation Test

Today we did a flight simulation. Thereby we went through all important steps of the countdown and flight. Besides this we visited the Launch pad of the VSB-30 rockets and the motor of our REXUS rocket has been shown to us. In the evening we saw beautiful northern lights.

Flight Simulation Test

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Day 2: Communication Test and Benchtest

Today we did the communication test and the bench test. In addition we had the possibility to visit the rocket launcher where we will launch our experiment on a REXUS rocket.

Communication Test and Benchtest

The Rocket Launcher


Video about the first low temperature test at 4 °C is online

Video about the first low temperature test is released! Because of the expected low temperature on the launch pad the heating system on the late access modules has to be verified. This video is about the first low temperature test at 4 °C which took place in August 2015. The video has been uploaded on YouTube and can also be found on the CEMIOS homepage in the category multimedia.

CEMIOS was part of the Air Days 2015 taking place at the Museum of Transport in Lucerne

We had the opportunity to present CEMIOS for a second time at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne. From October 9 until October 11 the project was shown at the museum as part of the exhibition Air Days 2015. The visitors were introduced in the CEMIOS project and they had the possibility to take a closer look at our prototypes and mockup. The Swiss Museum of Transport is the museum with the highest number of visitors in Switzerland. To be a part of exhibition Air Days 2015 allowed us to present CEMIOS to a broad audience.






CEMIOS at the Space Days in Zurich

The CEMIOS project was presented at the Space Days at the University of Zurich on the 3rd of October. CEMIOS was present with a poster and the people were introduced to our project trough a team member. The presence at the Space Days allowed us to introduce the CEMIOS project to an audience, which is interested in space.

spacedays  SpaceDays2015-1

The Integration Progress Review (IPR) is passed

We are proud to announce that we have successfully passed the Integration Progress Review (IPR). The IPR took place at the CC Aerospace Biomedical Science and Technology in Hergiswil, Lucerne at the 22th September. During the review an expert represented REXUS. The expert has checked the progress of the CEMIOS project since the last review. The Integration Progress Review (IPR) was an important milestone of the CEMIOS project.




CEMIOS at the “Forschung live” in Lucerne

From August 5 until August 8, the CEMIOS project was presented in the context of the exhibition “Forschung live“ in Lucerne. CEMIOS was shown at the planetarium situated at the Swiss Museum of Transport. The team presented prototypes and mockup models and provided information to the interested visitors.




The event was advertised at the Lucerne train station and on the university’s website:

Verkehrshaus_7Aug15_8 Carlos_HSLUweb_7Aug2015