Day 10: Rx 19 cancelled at T-15 minutes

New launch opportunity for REXUS 19. Unfortunately, due to strong winds the countdown had to be reset several times. Finally it was cancelled just 15 minutes before launch.


Day 9: Waiting for REXUS 19…

Now that REXUS 20 has launched successfully, it time for REXUS 19. But, due to strong winds REXUS 19 could not launch. Time to enjoy a campfire in the wild…


Day 8: 3, 2, 1, Lift off!

The preparation work actually start on the day before after dinner. The first shift prepare the late access modules until midnight. The second shift then takes over and places the oocytes until 4 o’clock in the morning. Subsequently, we conducted the late access and confirmed successful insertion. After rocket arming and erecting, REXUS 20 could at sunrise.


Day 7: Roll Out and Test Countdown

After the roll out of the REXUS-20 rocket, we passed successfully the test countdown. All teams are ready now for the hot countdown, which will start in few hours.


Moraba’s Service Modul und Recovery System:

Day 5: See you later!

The rocket was assembled in its final configuration, including the service module, recovery module and motor adapter. Then the rocket was erected and the final system test was performed. Thereby the ground station was set up in the science center, while the rocket remained in the launching area. The two locations are approximately one kilometer apart. After this this was successful, the payload was mated with the rocket. We have passed the point of no return: Next time we see our module is during the test countdown, scheduled for day 7 (Monday).

System check


Day 4: This and that

Today we did the final preparation work and also spend some time in the lab. We also repeated the flight simulation test. This time without the frog eggs (oocytes). Finally team signed the experiment.


Improved Orion Rocket


Day 3: Flight Simulation Test

Today we did a flight simulation. Thereby we went through all important steps of the countdown and flight. Besides this we visited the Launch pad of the VSB-30 rockets and the motor of our REXUS rocket has been shown to us. In the evening we saw beautiful northern lights.

Flight Simulation Test

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