Day 2: Communication Test and Benchtest

Today we did the communication test and the bench test. In addition we had the possibility to visit the rocket launcher where we will launch our experiment on a REXUS rocket.

Communication Test and Benchtest

The Rocket Launcher


Day 1: Unpacking and First Hardware Tests

We unpacked our equipment and made our selves comfortable. After this we did the final maintenance of the hardware and started to check once again the recording chambers. While working, we got some surprise visitors (at least for us)…

Unpacking the Experiment at ESRANGE

Preparing the Experiment at ESRANGE

Day 0: The CEMIOS Launch Team Arrives at ESRANGE

The team travels from Switzerland to the launch facility at ESRANGE located about one hour outside of Kiruna. Kiruna is the most northern town in Sweden, above the Arctic Circle. Fortunately it was not as cold as expected. In order to be ready for the first week, which is the preparation week, we brought frog eggs (oocytes) from the University of Zürich with us.

The CEMIOS Launch Team Arrives at ESRANGE

Esrange Space Center